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May 04th, 2020
Online qual finds its moment

One of the most significant impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic is the way that it has changed the way we engage with people. This applies not just to us as individuals, suddenly navigating the world of Zoom parties and online learning, but also to companies and brands who are unable to interact...

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April 24th, 2020
Life in Isolation

Life in isolation has challenged all of us to adapt to the current state of abnormality. We asked our Cafestudy community how they have been impacted by the lockdown and what they were doing to adapt to it. It has been revealed that while change is compulsory, using isolation as an opportunity is...

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March 26th, 2020
Covid-19 worries: Me and Us

It’s no surprise that a lot of people are worried about the current Covid-19 situation. This week at Edentify we conducted online qualitative research to try to break this down and understand exactly what these concerns are. This research has revealed that, while immediate and personal...

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March 19th, 2020
Travel Plans on Hold

*This research was conducted over the last two weeks. Updates to travel restrictions are changing on a daily and even hourly basis. Covid-19 has had an immense impact on the travel industry, with significant declines in both international and domestic passengers travelling through Sydney...

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November 02nd, 2018
Drawing out insights

As with many professions, there is a lot more to conducting qualitative research than meets the eye. While on the surface it can appear as a simple question-and-answer, getting deep insight often requires more than simply asking questions. The challenge lies in trying to go beyond what people...

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March 22nd, 2017
A picture paints a thousand about a video?

Something you realise very quickly when conducting qualitative research is that everyone is different. It's more than just different opinions too: everyone has different ways to communicate. One of our interests at Edentify is to do research that allows respondents to participate the way they...

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October 19th, 2016
Why you should be doing qualitative research online

Online qualitative research isn't new, but it is still treated by some as something of an unknown. Far from being a second-best solution, online qual has some real strengths that make it the best approach for many situations and questions. Here are 5 great reasons to use online qual. 1. People...

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October 04th, 2016
When it comes to money, Millennials are no different to anyone else. Except when they are.

It's no secret that Millennials get a bad rap. The stereotypical image of this group is that they are lazy, unmotivated, materialistic, demanding, and entitled in the workplace. But how true is this? To find out the truth, Edentify recently ran a "pop-up" online research community to talk to...

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September 07th, 2016
We unearthed Australia's favourite brands – and they’re not all what you'd expect

It seems like a simple question: what is your favourite brand, and why? It’s one that Edentify has been asking people as they sign up to our online research community for several years. But understanding the answers is not a simple task. It’s an open-ended question we have asked to...

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May 06th, 2016
Rating the Health Star Ratings

Much has been said recently about the government’s health star ratings on packaged foods in Australian supermarkets. These have been in place for a while now and we wanted to know what Australians think of them. So we asked the Caféstudy panel for their views. Many of our...

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July 28th, 2015
For Love or For Money: Brands that support charities

Brands that support charities; are they truly concerned or just trying to win our hearts for profit? Would you switch brands if you saw they supported a charity that was close to your heart? We asked our Caféstudy panelists what they think. For the most part, respondents were weary of the...

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July 13th, 2015
Has mobile viewing and interaction changed the way consumers watch sport?

This month we asked our panel of consumers about how they watch sport, and if this has changed. With the rise in mobile viewing and predictions that it will more than double over the next few years, we wondered what our panel was doing, and how and if their sports viewing habits were...

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July 13th, 2015
Scamming – what effect does it have on big brands?

Scamming has become so varied and widespread that almost everyone in our recent study could recall at least one incidence. The most common type of scams recalled were emails telling the recipient they were entitled to money in some way, and should send their personal details through in order to...

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July 13th, 2015
Allergies and food intolerance – how they affect shopping

According to our panel, consumers with food allergies and intolerances have their work cut out when it comes to food shopping. Trying to avoid ingredients and keep the cost down are the two big issues they face. Grocery shopping for this group is more time consuming because of the level of...

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