New research from Edentify reveals Australia’s changing attitudes to IPTV + online TV platforms July 13, 2015

New research from Edentify reveals Australia’s changing attitudes to IPTV + online TV platforms

The number of Australians watching IPTV is growing, according to a new report by research company Edentify, which found 48% of people watched a TV program or movie online in the past month.

Edentify’s new report: ‘IPTV in Australia: Attitudes and Viewing Habits’ has revealed more people are tuning in to IPTV and online TV platforms as the barriers to entry decline and awareness of the services increases.
The number of people who watched online TV and would try it again grew from 34% to 41% during the first half of 2014. Conversely the number of people who rejected the services after watching online TV dropped from 10% to just 4%.

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