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Edentify Blog

An insight into insights

One of the most commonly heard words in marketing today is “insight”. We all want one, we sift through enormous quantities of data to find one. But the term is misused so often that it has lost meaning. So what is an insight? The best way to think of an insight is that it provides an...

The Generation Gap that Divides Australia

The term “generation gap” is sometimes a cliché, however new research conducted here at Edentify shows that not only is the generation gap alive and well, it also goes a long way to explaining the division and conflict in social and political discussions today. The Edentify...

Make the most of your customer database

Customer centricity has become a necessary strategy for many businesses, particularly for those operating in service industries. Even beyond this, whether it’s FMCG, automotive, travel, or retail, more and more of our clients are looking to understand and focus on the needs of their...

Mobile phones at school

A hot topic in the media is the banning of mobile phones in schools around different states within Australia. The Edentify team wanted to gather the thoughts of our knowledgeable and diverse Caféstudy community in order to determine whether there are reasonable grounds to impose such a ban...