Make the most of your customer database

Make the most of your customer database

  • October 29, 2019

Customer centricity has become a necessary strategy for many businesses, particularly for those operating in service industries. Even beyond this, whether it’s FMCG, automotive, travel, or retail, more and more of our clients are looking to understand and focus on the needs of their customers and putting these needs at the centre of the organisation's decision making. 

Truly understanding your customers means talking to them directly. This is where customer research comes in, however conducting customer research is not always easy as to be effective it requires expertise in research as well as a sample of willing customers to participate.

Many companies that we deal with already have an untapped source of insight readily available through their customer databases. Whether it's customer records, a loyalty club or people who have signed up for a newsletter, there is often a large database of emails and phone numbers that can be used to conduct research.

These databases are a resource that is often not even considered for research. The focus instead is on delivering information to customers, but there is great scope to collect data and feedback on a whole range of issues.

For some clients, a customer database can be used for ongoing research such as customer satisfaction or NPS. For others, talking to their existing customers can provide insight into the customer journey, the strengths, weaknesses, and distinctive assets of their own products and brands, or an evaluation of product concepts or advertising, or to guide the development of content and communications.

Edentify's research technology platform allows you to conduct quantitative and qualitative research on your own customers, to explore customer experience in depth and detail. We can draw the sample from your own database of contacts, or recruit for you from a range of sources.

Some examples of recent and ongoing customer experience research we have worked on include:
- satisfaction surveys of patients of dental and optical centres, with results delivered in real time
- qualitative research of loyalty club members to understand what they value most about being part of the club
- testing new product concepts for a popular financial services app

If you are looking to understand your customers better, contact Edentify.