CMO Magazine – using data analytics to gauge customer feedback

CMO Magazine – using data analytics to gauge customer feedback

  • July 13, 2015

CMO Magazine have published an article featuring Edentify and how we used our data discovery service to help gauge and understand customer feedback.

In brief, a challenge was presented to us recently by one of our clients, Bankwest. The bank was looking for a way to make sense of the previously unmanageable amount of data they receive continually from their customers via online, in-store and call centre feedback. Using our new Oracle based system Endeca Information Discovery, Edentify has provided a user-friendly solution with which Bankwest have been able to structure the data into meaningful insights, as well as create clear process efficiency improvements.

The tool has enabled Bankwest to look at trends in customer satisfaction, and interpret the data easily by grouping feedback into positive and negative categories within three key elements; ‘process,’ ‘product’ and ‘people’s experiences.’ With our client claiming that the solution is ‘as good as having people physically code feedback coming in,’ we are looking forward to putting this tool to further use with many more of our clients in future, not only in terms of analysing customer feedback, but social media information as well.

To read the article in full click here.