Brand Equity & Brand Health

Edentify provides you with a view of your brand that not only helps you understand its current position, but also provides direction on how your brand should grow.

Edentify's approach to measuring and evaluating brand health draws on some of the leading thinkers in marketing and behavioural science, and revolves around three dimensions:

Familiarity: how well people know the brand
Distinctiveness: what people recall about the brand
Reputation: what people think about the brand

Brand Tracking

Our approach to brand tracking is a dynamic tool for monitoring performance, producing timely and relevant insights, and sharing these across organisations.

At Edentify, we believe that tracking research should provide much more than just data. It needs to be flexible enough to adapt to the changing market, while providing insights that can be used throughout our clients' businesses.

Our team will work with you to optimise the questionnaire design, ensuring the survey covers all the key metrics you need to monitor and inform business decisions.

Adopting a flexible approach, research can be conducted either at regular intervals (weekly/monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annually), or on an ad hoc basis depending on your needs.